Spiritual Care Services


Chaplains are spiritual caregivers with advanced training in supporting people during times of illness or emotional distress. Wyandot Memorial Hospital understands the vital role that faith and spirit have in the lives of our patients and their families.

Volunteer chaplains are available to any patient or family member, Monday through Friday (typically in the mornings). Chaplains are also on-call evenings and weekends for urgent situations and emergencies. All of our volunteer Chaplains wear badges with their picture and name and they adhere to strict hospital confidentiality policies.

When to Request a Visit from the Volunteer Chaplain

• When you need emotional support

• When you desire prayer or spiritual guidance

• When you are facing hard decisions or ethical issues

• When you desire a specific rite or ritual and your spiritual caregiver is not available (or you don’t have one)

• When there is a health or family crisis

• When you are wrestling with spiritual issues such as grief, inability to pray, sense of being abandoned, or when you experience lack of hope or question the meaning of life

• When you need information about community religious groups and/or resources

How to Request a Visit

Ask your nurse or any member of our medical team to contact the volunteer chaplain for you; our volunteer chaplains typically round in the mid-morning hours but special requests can sometimes be accommodated.

If you have any questions about Spiritual Care Services, you can also reach our Patient Navigator by calling Ext. 4159

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